Extreme Driving Conditions – The Importance of Defensive Driving

Being a good driver is more than knowing how to drive a vehicle from one point to another. A good driver should be able to know how to maneuver different driving conditions, how to manage every road conditions, how to interpret the action of the other motorists in order to know when they are driving offensively, how to signal to the other motorist in a friendly manner to drive well if the driver is making mistakes, should be able to obey the traffic signs and the likes. The fact is that it is not easy to be a good driver.
Today, there is emphasis on the need for every driver on the road to be a defensive driver. If every driver on the road is driving defensively, the rate at which accidents occur nowadays should be reduced. There are reasons why defensive driving is important in the society today. Before we explain why defensive driving is important with particular reference to driving in extreme weather conditions, it is necessary for us to understand what defensive driving is all about.
The term defensive driving is relatively a new term. It is used to describe a manner of driving in which the driver is alert to every situation around him or her. This means driving in such a manner that one anticipates difficult situations that may lead to accidents, avoid them, save time and money and then arrives at ones final destination safely. This manner of driving requires the full attention of the driver. A defensive driver is not only managing his own vehicle, but also those of the other motorists coming behind and in front of him. Any person that drives defensively should be able to tell when the other motorist is in trouble or is driving offensively and how to put the driver aright. A defensive driver should know what to do at any driving conditions he or she finds himself or herself. He should also avoid driving under any condition that can impair attention and reason when one is driving under the influence of alcohol and the likes. This is what differentiates a defensive driver from an ordinary driver.
Extreme Driving Conditions
Extreme driving conditions are those conditions that make driving difficult for every average driver. Such situations require expertise in order to maneuver them. Some of the extreme driving conditions are driving under heavy snow, rain, freeing rain as well as ice on the highway, hot weather and also driving in a rough terrain or road. It takes a good driver to maneuver such extreme driving condition.
Many accidents that resulted in the loss of life have occurred due to inability of some drivers to be able to drive under such conditions. Such conditions can lead to vision impairment. For example, when it is raining heavily or when there is heavy snow fall, the windscreen tends to be covered such that the driver is almost seeing nothing. He or she may find it difficult to see the road clearly let alone seeing the other driver that is coming in front of him. Besides, the rear mirrors are covered by snow or rain such that the driver will not able to see clearly with them.