A Defensive Driver versus an Offensive Driver

Do you know that there are more drivers than there are cars in the world today? Some people may doubt the above statement due to the fact that some car owners have more than one car. Despite this fact, the number of drivers in the world today exceeds the number of cars that are being used today in the world. However, not every person who can drive qualifies to receive the title “driver.” Indeed, there are many people who claim to be drivers, but they are not in the real sense of it. Perfect driving is not only when somebody can move a car and control the steering. There is more to that.

Offensive drivers are the direct opposite of defensive drivers. Their concern is to drive a vehicle. They do not pay attention to the safety of the other motorists. Traffic rules and its application bother them least. All they know is to drive their cars. Such drivers are the main cause of accidents in the world today as experience has shown. Car accidents are on the increase today due to offensive drivers. Reckless overtaking and over speeding are basic characteristics of offensive drivers. Despite the rules and fines paid by such drivers many people are still driving offensively.

Defensive driving is meant to counter offensive driving. It is directly opposed to offensive driving. A defensive driver is one who does not violate any traffic rules. He knows what to do and how to do it, and at the appropriate time when he is driving. Defensive drivers have passed the level of knowing the mechanism of driving to the level of driving for safety. Security while driving is one of the major concerns of defensive drivers. A defensive driver in this sense is a motorist that drives his vehicle in such a way that he is able to guarantee his own safety and that of the other motorists. He does this by being alert to his environment.

A defensive driver does not only pay attention to the movement of his car, he also monitors the movement of the other person’s car. He is able to discover when a follow motorist is in danger. Attention is an integral part of driving. For you to be a good driver you have to drive with attention. Inattention has been one of the major causes of accidents in the world today. A defensive driver is always able to manage his personal problem when he or she is driving in such a way that they do not distract him from driving well.

Another quality of a defensive driver that differentiates him from an offensive driver is that a defensive driver thinks on every movement the car is making. He knows when the car is producing good sound and when there is problem with his car. The car speaks to him in a unique manner. Some drivers do not know when their car has developed little fault that can cause accidents. Defensive drivers know when the sound of the car has changed.